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Silverstreak Multispeciality Hospital | Best Multispeciality Hospital in New Gurgaon, Gurugram, Sector 87, Manesar & Wazirabad

    6 Years Of Achievement

  • ✓ 20,000+ Surgeries Done

  • ✓ 200+ ECMO Done with 70% Survival

  • ✓ 4,00,000+ Patient Seen in OPD

  • ✓ 50,000+ Patient Treated In IPD

  • ✓ 3,000+ Cancer Surgeries Done

Why Choose Silver Streak?

Silver Streak Multi Speciality Hospital is the right amalgamation of Competent and Compassionate Healthcare professionals complimented by State of the Art Medical Infrastructure. Silver Streak Hospitals works on 3A principle of Availability, Affordability and Accessibility of Quality Interdisciplinary Medical Services

Experienced Specialists

Find the best specialist for your complete care.

State of the Art Medical Infrastructure

Our Hospital is equipped with the best and most advanced Medical Equipment.

Compassionate Care

Equipments and Expertise are complemented by Compassionate Care.

Our Medical Services

Emergency and Trauma Services

24*7 Emergency and Trauma Care is available in our Hospital.

Radiology and Imaging Services

Best in Class Radiology and Imaging Services for precise diagnosis.

Pathology and Other Labs

Most Advanced Pathology, BioChemistry, Serology and other labs for better treatment.

Inhouse Pharmacy

Fully Equipped Inhouse pharmacy to find all IPD and OPD Medicines at one place.

OPD Services

Well equipped 24 Chambers OPD for seamless Doctor- Patient Consultations.

IPD Services

Multi-Disciplinary In-Patients Services for advance care of the patients



The Department of General Medicine of Silver Streak Hospital in New Gurgaon is best in dealing with the patients suffering from the diseases like food poisoning, critical ill medical conditions, chronic and acute pain, several types of infections, typhoid fever, yellow fever, malaria, TB, dengue fever, eczema, and many more. The diseases related to the abdominal region are also treated with the help of advanced medicines depending on the type of illness the patient is dealing with. Internal Medicine doctor in New Gurgaon at Silver Streak Hospital help in guiding the patient in their entire treatment.

The hospital is well-equipped with the best life support systems like Critical Care Units, Intensive Care Units, Ventilator and Diagnostics FAcilities like ECG, TMT, Holter, EEG, and more which helps the patient in the best diagnosis for better treatment. By following the international standard the hospital believes in taking care of patient 24*7. Silverstreak is considered one of the best multispeciality hospital in New Gurgaon.

The various diagnostic procedures helps in guiding the patient to find the best doctor and helps the doctor in providing the best treatment medicine to the patients. Doctors at Silver Streak Hospital in New Gurgaon not only prescribe the best medicines to the patients but also assist them with the balanced diet which helps the patient in their fastest recovery.


  • Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Open Surgery

The department has experienced surgeons who have several years of experience of surgery for any discomfort patients are dealing with on any part of the body.

The hospital is equipped with the laparoscopy related advance procedures which save time and money of the patients and has several medical long term benefits to the health. Such advanced techniques are used to treat the patients quickly without any discomfort and speedy recovery. Such procedures generally have less tissue damage,minimal or no blood loss, reduced risk, and less pain.

Doctors at Silver Streak hospitals located at Sector 87 New Gurgaon are well versed and qualified in their respective fields. Based on the medical condition of the patients the doctors will suggest the appropriate surgery to them. The different types of general surgeries which the doctors of Silver Streak hospital perform for different treatments are

Laproscopic Surgery in New Gurgaon

It is a surgical procedure which helps in the diagnostic process as well to examine the organs from internally and detect the cause of illness from root. Laparoscopic surgery is considered as a boon to medical science. It is not risky and has minimal blood loss during the surgery. A thin long tube is entered within the body of the patient in the treating area and with the help of a high-intensity and high resolution camera it detects the medical condition and provides aids accordingly. As the instrument moves within the treating area the camera will detect and send the picture on the screen which is seen by the team of surgeons and that helps them in diagnosing and performing the procedure without opening the entire organ. Laparoscopic surgery is performed when the imaging tests are unable to provide the desired results for any illness and then laparoscopy performs.

  • 1. Better quality of life in small time
  • 2. Minimal blood loss
  • 3. Less skin opening
  • 4. Less hospital stay
  • 5. Low in price
  • 6. Patients can get back to normal routine easily and soon.
  • 7. Quick recovery
  • 8. Reduced risk of infection

Open Surgery

Open surgery is performed by cutting the entire tissue area from the skin to get the full view of the organs involved.

Open surgery is performed in few cases and has the following defects in the body

  • 1. Large cutting in skin
  • 2. Major tissue opening
  • 3. High in price
  • 4. High risk of infection
  • 5. Long lasting scars
  • 6. Degree of pain is high
  • 7. Recovery time is more

Gynaecology and Obstetrics in New Gurgaon

The team of expert gynaecologists & obstetrics, neonatologist, anaesthesiologist, and specially trained nursing staff provide the best care to women from medicines to surgery related to any disease. The hospital provides a full range of services like painless deliveries, advance labour rooms attached with neonatal & paediatric department, 24*7 proper care given to pregnant women, laparoscopic surgery, and many more. The exclusive LDRP suits build as per the international standards. The department also provides services like antenatal classes, Pregnancy yoga, breastfeeding, baby care, gestational diabetes and so on. Silver Streak hospital also deals with the baby and mother care during and after birth too, providing complete treatment for safe normal pregnancy, high risk pregnancy, and childbirth. Silver streak hospital doctors always make sure that the mother and baby should be healthy and safe. The renowned gynecologists also give special treatment and care to the female related reproductive issues related to cervix, vagina, PCOS, irregular menstruation, birth control, hysterectomy, and many other issues without any complications.

Gynecology procedure includes the following:
  • 1. Hysteroscopy: It is done to treat the uterine related problems in women. In this a long tube is entered inside the uterus through the cervix which allows the diagnosis of intrauterine pathology for surgical intervention.
  • 2. Pregnancy: before preparing for the child birth it is always suggested to take a quick consultation with the doctors. The doctors of the department of Gynecology helps the couple in getting pregnant and further guide them in their entire journey of pregnancy. The doctors will help you with the various tests which will show the growth of the baby inside the womb and how to take other important precautions along with food habits that need to be taken care of during this period.
  • 3. Birth control: When the couples do not want to conceive irrelevant of any factor then the doctors of the Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics will help them by providing them the detailed information about the birth control methods which help them in taking all the necessary precautions and techniques used to control the child birth.
  • 4. Myomectomy: It is performed to remove the non cancerous growth inside the uterus surgically. These uterine fibroids inside the uterus can occur at any age. After the removal the uterus will be preserved inside the body safely so that it will not cause any problem in the child's birth.
  • 5. Irregular menstruation: Women of any age can suffer from the problem of irregular menstrual cycle which may have different factors like hormonal imbalance, change in contraception, improper diet and many more. It can be treated with medicines prescribed by the doctors of Silver Streak.
  • 6. PCOS: Also known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. It occurs because of hormone imbalance which may cause a lady to skip her menstruation. It also affects the pregnancy. Because of such symptoms only the woman is advised to take a proper consultation from the doctor. The Obstetricians of Silver Streak will help the woman by prescribing medicines along with a proper diet and exercise routine so as to make the balanced fruitful life of the patient.

Pediatrics & Neonatology in New Gurgaon

The department comprises the Neonatal and Paediatric specialists both under one roof in New Gurgaon at Silverstreak Hospital. The highly qualified team of doctors are experienced in handling and taking care of neonates and kids. Complete care, end to end services, proper consultation and advice is given for the patient to cure any illness or injury. The highly efficient team focuses majorly on the neonates as they need special attention. The team is well trained in making things understandable to the parents for their child and they understand the condition of the patient to provide the best treatment to the patient. The department is equipped with the latest technology which includes the advanced facilities like ECMO, Level 1 NICU, Level 2 PICU, paediatric ventilator, incubator, phototherapy and other advanced technology for the special care and treatment of the children. The pediatrics in Silver Streak hospital are available 24*7 to take care of your child whenever required.

Orthopedics in new Gurgaon

The team of the orthopaedic department is well-trained in treating the bone-related illness, sports injuries, joint pain, joint replacement, fractures, joint displacement and many more. The hospital is filled with skilled Orthopedics who aim to cure the illness of the root and quick recovery. The treatments are performed under keen observation using advanced technologies and techniques. The hospital is equipped with C-arm which helps orthopaedic surgeons to diagnose the illness from the root and work on it precisely. A dedicated bone and joint surgery modular operation theatre having computer-assisted navigation surgery. The change in lifestyle has made us visit the hospital for regular check ups of our joints and bones. The expert team of Orthopedics, rheumatologists, anesthesiologists and physiotherapists are available to aid quick recovery of the patient with utmost care. The department of Orthopedics provides all kinds of support to the patients who arrive at the hospital related to any bone and joint issues.

The orthopedicians in New Gurgaon of Silver Streak hospital are well aware about your joint condition and depending on that they provide you the best treatment which gives relief from prolong illness. The Orthopedicians are well versed in dealing with the medical conditions like hip replacement surgery, knee replacement surgery, shoulder and cuff surgery, hand and wrist surgery, Anterior cruciate ligament, posterior cruciate ligament and many more depending on the type of illness you are suffering from.


Our busy lifestyle has made our life a mess and that forces us to visit the physiotherapist to get oxygen to our bones and joints. It is not necessary to visit the physiotherapist only after the surgery but also important to take consultation when there is extreme pain in the joints and nothing is working. The department of Physiotherapy is fully equipped with the advanced machines which help the patients to recover from the surgery soon. It has the rehabilitation of neuro and ortho both under the same roof. Physiotherapy department not only helps IPD patients but also provides the best help to the OPD patients.

Silver Streak understands the needs of the patient very well and thus supports them in every condition by providing the effective and accurate results of the physiotherapy treatment. The six most common physiotherapy treatment includes:

  • 1. Range of Motion (ROM) Exercise: After a complete bed rest doctors of Silver Streak will generally suggest the bedrest to the patients for sometime so as to give relief to the broken bones of the body. ROM performs the healing work on the broken bone quickly. It helps in the mobility of the body part. ROM encourages joint mobility, helps in blood circulation which works like a miracle on the infected part.
  • 2. Soft Tissue Mobilization: the massage at the soft tissues of the infected or broken body part helps the tissue to rejoin again in a short span of time and works best in the mobilization in the particular body part.
  • 3. Electrotherapy: It is the advanced energy based physiotherapy technique. Generally used for the patients who have paralysis and the therapy also helps in reducing the range of motion. The electrodes used in the therapy are likely to reduce the muscle pain and provide proper circulation in the joints.
  • 4. Heat Therapy and Cold Therapy: The people who have desk jobs or who are suffering from joint related problems especially athletes are most likely to undergo this therapy. In this the application of paraffin wax is used which gives relief to the infected area.
  • 5. Taping: A neon colour tape or Kinesio tape which is of neon colour is used which helps in stabilizing the joints and muscles when then patients are undergoing any treatment.


The highly dedicated team of skin specialists in New Gurgaon helps the patient in getting rid of all the skin related problems major or minor. The hospital is equipped with the best-advanced techniques for the betterment of the skin. Dermatologists are well-trained in performing procedures like cryosurgery, Laser, hair removal, shave removal, skin biopsy, and many more. The team of doctors focuses on providing the best treatment to the patient and supervises them to take care of the skin before and after the procedure. The Department of Dermatology of Silver Streak hospital is able to cure the skin and hair infections or medical conditions like psoriasis, acne, eczema, dandruff, pigmentation, keloids, fungal infection, dermatitis, head lice and many more.

Radiology in New Gurgaon

The radiology department is filled with the skilled and trained radiologists who have years of experience in diagnosing the exact illness from the symptoms defined by the patient. The hospital is equipped with advanced techniques and machines like 1.5 Tesla MRI, 32 slice CT Scan, X-Ray, Colour Doppler, Ultrasound, Dexa and many more. The team of expert radiologists are dedicated to providing the best radio-diagnosis 24*7 along with the quality care.


The department of pathology has well-trained and experienced pathologists who perform examination and interpretation of the patient's specimen which includes blood, urine and other fluid samples from the body. It is performed to check the pathological activities like coagulation, microbiology, biochemical genetics, haematology and many more.y and many more.

Pulmonology in New Gurgaon

Department of Pulmonology in Silverstreak Hospital provides advanced treatment, care, and rehabilitation for respiratory diseases. Our motto is to provide personalized care to all our patients round the clock with any type of chest diseases and respiratory problems.

The department provides advanced care for respiratory diseases such as Bronchial Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Bronchitis, Lung Cancer, Acute and Chronic Respiratory Failure, Interstitial Lung Diseases, Pulmonary Hypertension, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Pleural Disease, Occupational Lung Diseases, Allergies, Advanced Lung Diseases and more.

Our team of highly efficient and skilled practice evidence-based medicine and follow international protocols which have enabled the best outcomes in the treatment provided.

Our advanced diagnostics facilities include advanced studies to diagnose the chest and respiratory problems. The department also performs sophisticated treatments such as Video bronchoscopy, Thoracoscopy, Interventional Pulmonology and delivers leading-edge care to patients with a variety of disorders.

We also provide pulmonary rehabilitation which is a supervised program of exercise and education. The patients and their family members are educated about their diseases and symptoms and methods to improve their quality of life.

Dentistry in New Gurgaon

Department of Dentistry in Silverstreak Hospital ensures safety and success both in terms of all dental procedures including dental implants and Surgery as well as patient care, from the time of walk-in until the patient leaves the hospital. 

The team renders routine and advanced diagnostic procedures and treatments such as-

  1. Root Canal
  2. Dental implants
  3. Aligners
  4. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  5. Orthodontics
  6. Conservative treatment,
  7. Pedodontics,
  8. Aesthetic dentistry,
  9. Endodontics.

The Department also specializes in general dental care, root canal therapy and treatment for gums and supporting tissues. 

Here at Silverstreak Hospital, we diagnose most of the dental and oral problems during a dental examination. Our center is equipped with the Latest quality equipments and experienced Manpower. You might be asked to get Dental X-Rays or OPG of your mouth to the proper diagnosis and treatment will be planned accordingly.

Your smile is the best thing you can carry with yourself, and we care that it stays with you always without any problem.

Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT)

The ear nose and throat division at the SilverStreak Hospital comprises of an exceptionally talented group of ENT specialists, committed to conveying great consideration to grown-up and pediatric patients.

Our ENT specialist surgeon in New Gurgaon Sector 87, can analyze and treat the full range of ear, nose and throat related issues. Whether you have an ear or sinus contamination, wooziness or hearing trouble, wheezing or gulping issue, or wish for a more alluring nose - our specialist drove care will guarantee you get protected and proper clinical or careful treatment of the best quality. The facility really focuses on the two youngsters and grown-ups.

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